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We live in an era where 87 percent of the US population is uniquely identifiable from their gender, birthdate, and zip code, information that can be easily obtained from public medical records. For those under 30, Social Security numbers can be predicted based on date and place of birth, information people typically list on Facebook. Wifi enabled device, such as cell phones and laptops track and record your every move.

Last month an ad aired during the Super Bowl that caused a lot of controversy. Run by Nationwide, the ad highlighted that accidents are the leading cause of childhood deaths in the US. While many felt this ad was too depressing for the Super Bowl, it caused families in homes across the country to have a conversation about preventing accidental deaths.

Early Childhood Education

The I-95 Express Lanes are now open from Garrisonville Road in North Stafford County to the Edsall Road area on I-395 in Fairfax County. The project is intended to reduce rush hour congestion by converting the underutilized High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes into higher capacity Express lanes.

Metrorail is the backbone of the DMV transit system. While there is significant rehabilitation underway, the aging system is fully taxed during a typical rush hour. We frequently hear complaints, and as a regular rider I have personal experience. Metro has its challenges today with more to come tomorrow. According to analysts at George Mason University, expect significant short-term population growth in our metropolitan region, particularly in its core where Metrorail is foundational to that growth.


This is a giant step forward to help the poorest Virginians gain access to affordable health care. However, Virginia can and must do more. It is time to unveil the House Republican plan to close the coverage gap that was promised last January that takes full advantage of our Federal tax dollars to expand coverage for all of those that fall into the gap.


Experts say an estimated 4,710 people would gain routine preventative healthcare in the 28th district and now, unfortunately, people have lost their jobs without it. What is it going to take for House Republicans to accept change as well as our own health care tax dollars used for their intended purpose? 

Today we officially opened Jeff Todd Way, a project 13 years in the making and a much needed East-West link from Hayfield to Richmond Highway at Woodlawn. In order to make the new road work, Telegraph Road from Gribble Gate south to Beulah also needed to be widened. Although not necessarily intended to serve Wegman’s when the road was designed, the road will definitely serve Mt. Vernon area shoppers when the store opens in less than a year. It will create better traffic circulation in our area and vastly improve access to Mt. Vernon Hospital as well as to the new Ft.

Virginia’s Department of Rail and Public Transit is currently undertaking a mobility improvement study on the Route 1 Corridor (“the Highway”) in South Fairfax County.  When commuting to work on Route 1, maintaining 45 mph between traffic signals can be a challenge—weekend traffic is horrific and draws the most complaints.  Good news: in the immediate area around Ft.

The pre-Valentine's Day decision by U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen declaring Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional is a historic turning point in the long struggle for equality in the Commonwealth--the first state in the Old Confederacy to have its ban overturned. The ruling came on the heels of recent decisions by federal district judges in Utah and Oklahoma who found no rational basis for denying gay couples the right to marry.