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Tour of the Virginia Ave Tunnel

January 5, 2017Blog Post

Getting more trucks off the interstate and onto rail is a win-win for commuters and for shippers. Accordingly, two major linked investments are now coming in to view as a result, in large part, of the landmark 2013 transportation legislation. Today, the Long Bridge, paralleling the 14th Street Bridge, is a severe bottleneck with CSX, VRE and Amtrak all sharing the same track. A second bridge, therefore, is in the planning stage and will help in many ways, including freeing up capacity for additional VRE trains.

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Study of Election Systems

November 9, 2016Blog Post

Our national nightmare—the never ending 2015-16 presidential campaign—is finally over.  I hope that your voting experience was less stressful this year. Part of the reason is that a record number of people voted absentee. Another is that the paper ballot (100 percent) gives the voter all the time needed to read the six ballot measures without holding up the line. Whatever happens, Virginia needs to evaluate outdated election policies and systems.

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Update on Virginia Community Service Boards

November 1, 2016Blog Post

Last month, I had the opportunity to speak with the Virginia Association of Community Service Boards (VACSB) about, among other things, the General Assembly’s re-commitment to mental health services. For those of you who are not familiar with CSBs, they were established in 1968 to provide for “community-based mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services to individuals with mental health or substance use disorders, intellectual disability, or co-occurring disorders.” That is a tall order given the human condition.

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Statement of Delegate Mark Sickles on Extension of Voter Registration Deadline

October 20, 2016Press Release

ALEXANDRIA, VA  – Federal District Judge Claude M. Hilton today extended Virginia’s voter registration deadline until 11:59 p.m., tomorrow, Friday, October 21, 2016. 

On the previous October 17, 2016, deadline, the Department of Elections online registration system crashed due to historic and unprecedented activity.  According to one county registrar, thousands of citizens were denied access to the November  8 election. 

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Dominion's EnergyShare

September 13, 2016Blog Post

Last month, I had the opportunity to welcome Governor McAuliffe to the 43rd House District. He came to help weatherize the home of two veterans living in Rose Hill. For over three decades, Dominion’s EnergyShare program has helped hundreds of thousands of Virginia families maximize energy efficiency and decrease their energy bills by providing simple yet critical tools and techniques to weatherize their homes.

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