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2020 Session Gets Underway

January 17, 2020Blog Post

We gaveled into session on January 8th, the 2020 General Assembly session is up and running in full gear. The first Democratic House of Delegates majority in over two decades began its work by considering measures that have broad public support but have been bottled up in committee for years. The first resolution considered in this “long” 60-day session was the Equal Rights Amendment--Virginia becoming the 38th state to ratify on a vote of 59-41.


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No matter where you live, rural broadband is a big issue in Virginia

December 15, 2019News Clip

Bipartisan collaboration plays an essential role in the economic health and growth of the commonwealth and has proved critical in fueling the state’s record low unemployment rate and booming economic growth.

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Report: Price of medical care for Va. inmates now accounts for one-fifth of all operating expenses for state prisons

December 2, 2019News Clip

The price of medical care for Virginia’s 30,000 inmates now accounts for one-fifth of all operating expenses for state prisons and is driven in part by an aging inmate population, a new report says.

The cost of inmate health care grew from roughly $140 million per year to more than $230 million in the decade that ended June 30, according to figures in the “Update on Inmate Health Care” report from the staff of the Virginia House Appropriations Committee.

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Today is National Voter Registration Day!

September 24, 2019Blog Post

Happy National Voter Registration Day! To participate in Election Day in Virginia on November 5, you must register to vote by October 15. Below are some helpful tips:


  • You can check your voter registration information here


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Metro Reopens Blue and Yellow Lines

September 11, 2019Blog Post

This past week, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), re-instated the blue and yelllow rail service and opened all of the stations along each line. To my commuters who have survied the summer: thank you for your patience. I hope the new facilities are visually appealing as well as safer. As a frequent rider, I am happy to have service back!


The following stations have reopened after the platform reconstruction project and updates to metro facilities: Braddock Rd, King Street, Van Dorn St, Franconia-Springfield, Esienhower Ave and Huntington.


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